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Dr. Ravi Ratan
Health & Weight Management with Lymph Drainage


6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Saturday Free Lectures 45mins

Health & Weight Management with Lymph Drainage

Our lymphatic system regulates our health, immune system and eliminates toxins. Congested or blocked lymph nodes are the major cause of all diseases and weight gain. Though there are various causes for lymphatic congestion/ blockages, from lifestyle to emotional and Chakra blockages. Emotional blockages are major cause for breast cancer and diseases of reproductive organs, which can be prevented by manual lymphatic drainage using aromatherapy blends having diuretic oils. Dr. Ratan gives you a deeper insight.

Dr. Ravi Ratan is a clinical aromatherapist and healer, integrating Aromatherapy with manual Lymph Drainage & Chakra healing. He is the owner of “AROMATANTRA” and the Author of “HANDBOOK OF AROMATHERAPY” and  “JOURNEY THROUGH CHAKRAS”. He offers personal healing sessions and conducts training programs. He can be contacted at  Please visit my booth #28