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12/24/2022 – Happy Holidays from NLE + Kimberly Meredith Special Event

12/01/2022 – Reduce Your Holiday Stress with 5 Easy Tips from New Living Expo

11/23/2022 – Reduce Your Holiday Stress with 5 Easy Tips from New Living Expo

10/30/2022 – Need a Spiritual Teacher? ~ Discover 2 That Will Be at Expo ’23

10/25/2022 – Love Expo Spiritual Teachers? ~ We Know You’ll Love Expo ’23

09/27/2022 – ”Find Your Life’s Purpose” Tickets for Psychic Deborah Graham are still available! In Person with the Psychic Celebrities Turn to!

09/20/2022 – New Workshop ~ ”Find Your Life’s Purpose” Tickets for Psychic Deborah Graham are still available! In Person with the Psychic celebrities turn to!

09/13/2022 – Find Your Life’s Purpose with Celebrity Psychic Deborah Graham on September 30 at her In Person Workshop! Tickets are still available.

09/06/2022 – Raise Your Soul’s Vibration ~ Live, In Person Workshop with Celebrity Psychic Deborah Graham on September 30

08/06/2022 – LifeWave Offers Pain Relief, Better Sleep & Much More ~ Expo News

08/03/2022 – LifeWave Offers Pain Relief, Better Sleep & Much More ~ Expo News

07/17/2022 – A New Location for the 20th Anniversary Expo! A LifeWave Intro, Plus, The Divine Feminine

07/14/2022 – A New Location for the 20th Anniversary Expo! A LifeWave Intro, Plus, The Divine Feminine

06/22/2022 – RelaxPansion Fest 2022 + Video Replays of Expo Speakers

06/18/2022 – RelaxPansion Fest 2022 + Video Replays of Expo Speakers

05/19/2022 – MAKING CONTACT- UFO Series + Video Replays of Expo Speakers

05/16/2022 – Learn The Power To Self-Heal & A Film on Healing from Trauma

05/12/2022 – Your Power To Self-Heal & A Film on Healing from Trauma

05/07/2022 – Happening Today + Sunday =Tickets at the Door for The Expo Experience

05/04/2022 – The Healthy Mind+Body+Spirit Experience – New at New Living Expo May 6-8

02/22/2022 – The Healing Power of Breath + Expo’s Medical Medium & its Honorary Spiritual Leader + Deepak’s Chopra’s Abundance 4U

01/25/2022 – The Science of Love & The Brain ~ Plus, Bruce Lipton is Coming to New Living Expo

12/30/2021 – Expo’s Special Offer: Sales & Marketing Hot Seat Live Training + Bonuses

12/21/2021 – The Future You Is Almost Here ~ New Living Expo Holiday Greetings

11/23/2021 – Gratitude for Simple Gifts of Health, Friends, and Family

10/02/2021 – The Virtual New Living Expo is Oct. 9-10. Join Us!

09/09/2021 – Important News Regarding New Living Expo – Now Rescheduled

08/12/2021 – What’s Important for Your Journey?

06/19/2021 – New Living Expo Now in October – Plus Keeping Your Cool

05/19/2021 – Free Sound, Music & Vibration Conference Online

04/10/2021 – Free Relationship Workshop with John Gray. Don’t Miss It

03/11/2021 – Discover Your Soul’s Zone of Genius: Free Virtual Masterclass

02/01/2021 – February Workshops: Navigating COVID & Relationship Reboot

01/07/2021 – 5D Wellness: Jan 17 Healing Event with Medical Medium Kimberly Meredith

12/01/2020 – The Virtual Expo is Here! A New Approach to Mindful Living

11/2/2020 – The Virtual New Living Expo is December 5-6th

10/30/2020 – Your new Favorite Virtual Event with info on Getting Healthy

08/21/2020 – New Living Expo Announcements & Updates

07/05/2020 – Two Cool Online Events Coming to Your Screens!

07/23/2020 – Healthy Media Consumption

06/20/2020 – World Unity Virtual Convergence Week

05/14/2020 – Gather Online with Our Tribe This Saturday!

04/09/2020 – Global Peace Tribe Online Gathering & Worldwide Meditation

03/13/2020 – New Living Expo Postponed to 10/10/2020 Weekend – Same San Mateo Location

02/27/2020 – Deborah King’s Experiential Journey To the Cosmos + More Free Workshops

02/13/2020 – On Love and Power and Hormones. The Expo mix is here: Marianne Williamson & John Gray at New Living Expo

01/23/2019 – Tickets are Now on Sale! Marianne Williamson, David Wilcock, Michael Beckwith, Deborah King & Kimberly Meredith Tix

01/11/2019 – New Living Has Spiritual Teachers & Healers, Plus, Letting Go on the Full Moon

12/18/2019 – Rev. Dr. Michael Beckwith Returns to New Living Expo 2020, Plus, Revisiting the film The Secret

11/26/2019 – Fall Into Aligning Your Chakras, Plus Graham Hancock

10/09/2019 – Canna – Healing for Baby Boomers

09/25/2019 – Changes Everywhere! Seasons, Expo Dates, & Life Cycles of changes

08/04/2019 – New Living Expo Exhibitor Space Opens September

07/21/2019 – New Living Expo 2020 – Re-Inventing The Expo, Plus Vegan/Vegetarian Time?

06/17/2019 – New Living Expo 2020 Futurecast, Plus Summer Health with Being Crafty

06/11/2019 – A Healthy Summer is the Berries! New Living Expo Sends Warm Wishes for a Cool June

05/11/2019 – New Living Expo June Newsletter

05/02/2019 – New Living Expo 2019 Attendee Survey

04/30/2019 – Thank you for joining us! We hope you enjoyed yourself at the San Mateo Event Center! It was amazing! Stay tuned for 2020!

04/30/2019 – New Living Expo May 4 Special Event In San Rafael

04/17/2019 – New Living Expo News: Civilizations! Ancient or Newly Discovered – They’re Teaching Us About Our Lives Today

04/04/2019 – New Living Expo April Highlights include Canna Workshops & Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson

03/28/2019 –Caroline Myss Returns to New Living Expo, Plus, Featured Expo Workshops

02/27/2019 –David Wilcock Returns to New Living Expo Plus 3 New Workshops

02/07/2019 – Sound Healing for Self Love, Plus, James Van Praagh Returns to the Expo!

01/22/2019 –Sex, Cannabis & Aliens Workshops Plus Caroline Myss – New Living Expo News

01/10/2019 –A Body, Mind & Soul Detox for Total Wellness, Plus Author & Explorer Graham Hancock in Person

12/14/2018 – Every Day is Sacred, Plus Psychic Surgeon Kimberly Meredith

11/19/2018 –Be Thankful Everyday Plus Indigenous Wisdom with David Lonebear

10/23/2018 –Animal Spirit Medicine & Your Vote, Plus, Ken Johnston Speaks at NLE

09/10/2018 – Announcing 3 Bay Area Wellness Events Plus Andrew Collins at NLE

08/16/2018 – Pink is The New You, Plus John Van Auken Speaks

07/12/2018 – Summertime Fun!

06/12/2018 – Celebrate Summer Solstice

05/04/2018 – New Living Expo’s 17th Year – A Success Story

04/17/2018 – Do You Have Your Tickets? New Living Expo is Almost Here!

04/04/2018 – Energy Healing – Your Options, Plus, 4 Hours with Caroline Myss and Loretta Swit’s Natural Living Workshop

03/12/2018 – Flowers Have the Power, James Van Praagh – the ghost whisperer

02/12/2018 – Love & Politics! Plus, Passionate Living with One of Oprah’s Favorite Poets, Mark Nepo

01/01/2018 A Medicinal Mindset Plus Marianne Williamson’s Conscious Conversation

12/19/2017 – December Playfulness Has Health Benefits, Plus, Caroline Myss Speaking at New Living Expo

11/17/2017 – November Color Your World with Health Plus Native Elder Wisdom with Clifford Mahooty

10/16/2017 – October New Living Expo > Healing with Humor, Plus, Author John Gray

09/14/2017 – New Living Expo & Craving Connectivity, Plus, Author Andrew Collins

08/23/2017 – Eclipse Power, Loving Water, and Author Graham Hancock ~ New Living Expo News for August

07/19/2017 – New Living Expo July Newsletter

06/22/2017 – The Summer of Loving Yourself – New Living Expo Coming in April of 2018

04/24/2017 – Expo Time! This Weekend! Gathering All of Us Together at New Living Expo April 28-30 in San Mateo

04/10/2017 – New Living Expo Presents don Miguel Ruiz, William Henry and An Attitude with Gratitude

03/20/2017 – New Living Expo Presents David Wilcock, Giorgio A Tsoukalos & A Life with Meaning

02/14/2017 – New Living Expo February 2017 Newsletter

01/19/2017 – New Living Expo January 2017 Newsletter


New Living Expo

New Living Expo