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Exhibitor Map

New Living Expo / Exhibitor Map

(A) Booth $1,750

(B) Booth $1,450

(C) Booth $1,300

(D) Booth $1,550

D booths are 9’x10’



Eco-Waste Pavilion

A-202 Original Design - Creative Encounters A-204 Crystal Light Bed Chakra Healing   A-208 Expand with Julius B-210 Crystalline Essence B-212 Akashic Record Readings & Classes C-214 Magical Readings C-216 Barry Helm B-218 Da Vid Raphael B-220 Sirius: Ascended Masters' Teaching A-222 Kala Imports Singing Bowls     A-230 Master Clairvoyant Christian Toren B-232 Eye Candy Chocolatier B-234 HOLOS Amulets B-236 Aura Vision/Aura Photos A-238 Aura Vision/Aura Photos   A-242 VitaJuwel USA Inc B-244 Jennifer Montero Guiding Light B-246 Healing Circle B-248 UFOs, Consciousness & Sci-Fi A-250 Joseph Martin   A-254 Infinite Aloe Skin Care
  D-203 Ayurveda Travel with Ayurgamaya A-205 Hi-dow Massagers   A-209 Prism Wheel A-211 Angel Farms Cleanse Program   A-215 Azure Ray Healing Shamanic Jewelry B-217 Lovely Lady Products Skincare / Oaksterdam University C-219 Henna Designs, Prayers To Wear B-221 HBK Topicals A-223 Crystal Source Healing Stones   A-227 Austyn Wells Medium & Soul Gardener B-229 WBWC, LLC/Personal Infrared Sauna C-231 (dba Kacelia) C-233 LeafFilter Gutter Protection C-235 Learn The RIsk B-237 Nature Designs A-239 Nature Designs   A-243 B-245 Designs Unlimited C-247 Hearts Center Community B-249 Paul Miller B-251 Kate Miller A-253 Everything Tibetan  
  D-302 Craft Your Genius Life A-304 Modern Love   A-308 Scarlett The Love Dr. A-310 Suthe Aqueous CBD Drops 100% Plant   A-314 B-316 Clarity C-318 KEST B-320 Barefoot Bodywork & Vedic Astrology A-322 Hawaiian Moon Organic Aloe Cream   A-326 Living Intentions B-328 Living the Miracle Radio Show C-330 Light For Your Journey C-332 Divinity For Life C-334 Vaishali's Psychic Readings B-336 Nature Designs A-338 Nature Designs   A-342 Herb and Myth Organic Skincare B-344 HempWorx C-346 Elegant Crystals B-348 Leslie Anne Scatena B-350 American Herbal Labs - Nano Herbs A-352 Purium  
  D-303 Meditate Better A-305 Reserved - Booth 305   A-309 Reserved - Booth 309 A-311 Fuji Cyber Relax   A-315 Shea's Apothecary B-317 Vibra Instruments C-319 Blue Soul Earth B-321 Zion Health & CrystalPi3-14 Power Bracelets A-323 Health Secrets USA   A-327 Vibes Up B-329 Feng Shui, Astrology, & TimeBlazr® C-331 Guiding Light C-333 Belinda Farrell 'Find Your Friggin' Joy' C-335 Power of Pleasure B-337 AjnaLight & PyraLight -Guy Harriman A-339 Super Good Stuff   A-343 EA Tradeshows B-345 EA Tradeshows C-347 European Psychic Lai B-349 San Francisco Chronicle B-351 Tracey Ash A-353 Transdermal HGH Gel  
  D-402 Alpaca Leo Peressi A-404 Human 2.0   A-408 Bernd Friedlander A-410 Maitreya the World Teacher is Here   A-414 Master Sha Tao Healing Center B-416 Cancer Control Society C-418 Beneficent Forces B-420 AmayaIJah Heavens Cures A-422 Dash Hemp of Santa Cruz   A-426 Vibes Up B-428 Vibes Up C-430 Globe Sound Healing Institute C-432 Salvarae, CBD's - Spread The Love C-434 Mor's Nutrition & More B-436 Ancient Treasure A-438 Mystic Earth Gems   A-442 Hawaiian Honey Cones B-444 Sweet Joe's Honey C-446 Spice Pharm Inc B-448 Kyoui Oral Care B-450 OM Botanical A-452 HighChi Energy Jewelry  
  D-403 Body Lever A-405 Not Booked   A-409 Amayaljah Heaven's Cures A-411 Health and Beauty Connection   A-415 California 99 B-417 Sebastian C-419 Norwex & Copper Healing Water Bottles B-421 Ola Loa Products A-423 Delgado Protocol for Health   A-427 Farm Fresh To You B-429 Art of Raising Frequency C-431 Happy Science C-433 Young Living Essential Oils C-435 Stone Muse Magick Box B-437 Rupam's Herbals A-439 Rockpool Publishing   A-443 Aromatantra (FM's Aromatherapy) B-445 Not Booked C-447 Rolfing® Structural Integration B-449 B-451 Contact in the Desert A-453 Youngevity International  
  D-502 The Art of Ishka Lha A-504 Live Pine   A-508 Not Booked A-510 Reserved - Booth 510   A-514 Lost Coast Plant Therapy B-516 ahhNATURAL C-518 Transformational Health / Herbs to the Rescue B-520 Ultra Soft - Leg Sluts Leggings Also Chandi Ayurvedic Products A-522 Angels Island   A-526 Millennium Products B-528 Buddha Maitreya Meditation Tools C-530 Buddha Maitreya Meditation Tools C-532 Rev. Lynette Corsten Astrologer C-534 Aum Sacred Art B-536 Crystal Tones A-538 Crystal Tones   A-542 Beauty & Beyond B-544 Beauty and Beyond C-546 Indian Vedic Oracle B-548 M Solutions / Moringa Light Energy B-550 Anat Baniel Method® NeuroMovement® A-552 Health is Wealth  
B-503 Gorgeous GoddessWear B-505 Gorgeous Goddess Wear A-507 Relax Far Infrared Saunas and Lamps   A-509 Relax Far Infrared Saunas and Lamps B-511 Marie, the Spirit Guide B-513 Himalayan Harmony C-515 Beekeeper's Naturals C-517 Inner Traditions / Bear & Co. B-519 Inner Traditions / Bear & Co. B-521 Inner Traditions / Bear & Co. A-523 Raw Revelations   A-531 Luminance B-533 TheDoctorWithin Dr Tim O'Shea B-535 Elimtox Ion Cell Cleanse Foot Bath B-537 Elimtox Ion Cell Cleanse Foot Bath   B-539 Healthyline B-541 Soulworx B-543 Voyager B-545 JP Trading B-547 B-549 A-551 Fascia Touch   A-553 Bazaar Boutique

Thank you for your interest in the New Living Expo. For over 25 years the Expo has brought healing, enlightenment, education and wonder to the Bay Area. We are excited to be in San Mateo for our fourth year and to begin a new chapter in a long history of this wonderful event! The Expo draws learners, changers and explorers of alternative thinking and being. The 10,000+ crowd is diverse, engaged, and looking for new and different products and businesses to support their beliefs and lifestyle. Be a part of this exciting event and book your space today!

New Living Expo

New Living Expo