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New Living Expo / Press Release


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Schedule Includes Top Influencers Marianne Williamson, John Gray & Michael Beckwith


SAN MATEO, CA – November 4, 2020 – The New Living Expo (NLE) will do its 2020 event after all, and it will be a virtual event with livestream program speakers and digital display booths representing most of what the event is well known for presenting since the late 1980s.  The speaker lineup will still feature over 50 influential authors, experts and practitioners who will present various lectures and workshops, as well 50 special virtual exhibits on December 5-6.


“We have managed to keep a lot of the keynote presenters we had in the lineup for April,” said Ken Kaufman, co-founder and longtime executive producer of NLE.  “The one common thread with our speakers is that they all bring to the table is their unique and innovative ways of approaching conscious living and the future, and the pandemic brings a new urgency to many of these ideas.”


Authors Marianne Williamson, John Gray and Michael Beckwith are joined by Kimberly Meredith, Michael Ventura, and Dannion Brinkley and as some of the best-known presenters at NLE this year.  This full up-to-date lineup will be available by November 15th.


“It’s important that we do this show this year given everything going on in the country,” said Kaufman.  “People have lost wages, jobs and loved ones at record speeds.  Individuals living with chronic mental and physical illness are struggling, young people are struggling, poor communities are struggling.  Mental health is understandably becoming a crisis, and our event community is uniquely qualified to help meet this need right now.”


The event also features DIY panels, music, Yoga classes.  For more information on all aspects of the event schedule and tickets, go to, or call 415-382-8300.




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New Living Expo

New Living Expo