Teresa Campos

Teresa Campos
  • Who Are You Here to Be? SUN 29 5-5:45pm Rm4

Who Are You Here to Be? Your Essential Purpose | Sunday April 29 | 5-5:45 pm | Room 4 | Booth 514

Many of us understand that we will live a more fulfilled life if we find our purpose. But in seeking our purpose, we falsely think the answer is in finding that “one thing.” This concept is a fundamentally flawed way to relate to your pursuit of a greater, purposeful life. The truth is, to find not just one thing that you must do, but to connect all of what you do to your life purpose.

Teresa Campos is a transformation coach and intuitive astrologer. She works with women who know they are here to be a big force in the world but are trapped in their own self-doubt.


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