Kimberly Meredith

Kimberly Meredith
  • Medical Intuitive & Channeler
  • POST CONFERENCE Monday, April 30, 2 - 6 PM, Rm 5

Receiving the Miraculous Miracles

PART 1: God Consciousness
Kimberly begins the event with a channeled introduction about her Near Death Experience (NDE). She gives an in-depth channeling on living in the “3rd Dimension, while accepting all of the Dimensions, and being healed in the 12th Dimension (God Consciousness).” Kimberly will channel information about consciousness, the shifting of humanity, moving into 12D and eliminating spiritual warfare.

PART 2: Witness the Miracles
Kimberly demonstrates her unique mediumship by picking out several participants that are chosen through the Holy Spirit and the angels with the spoken word of the angelic realm. These individuals will be selected by the etheric angel language, using sound, hand gestures and sign language. This is relayed to Kimberly, who will be guided to do a medical intuitive scan using her blinking eyes.


Kimberly Meredith is a world renowned Medical Intuitive, Surgical Hands-on Healer, Trance Channeler and Spiritual Teacher with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Kimberly Meredith honors Mother Mary.

Through surgical hands-on healing, channeling and/or laying-on of hands, Kimberly Meredith has helped and healed thousands of people. She has removed tumors, restored hearing, healed cancer, corrected immobility and completely rid the body of diseases. She has a unique mediumship gift and is naturally guided to those who are chosen to receive healings at events.

The Healing Trilogy