Eduardo Bettencourt

Eduardo Bettencourt
  • Transmuting Sex into Success FRI 27 6-6:45pm Rm3

Transmuting Sex into Success | Friday 27 | 6-6:45pm | Room 3

“The individuals of greatest achievement tend to be those who have highly developed sexual natures and who have learned the art of sex transmutation.” Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich.

Access the incredible power and energy of your innate sex drive by rediscovering your authentic self-expression. Come experience simple techniques in this lecture and mini workshop to facilitate congruent behavior and align your internal state of mind with your external actions.

Eduardo has been called an “angel,” “people whisperer,” and a “gift to the universe” by those he’s been fortunate to work with and serve. His ambition is to liberate your sexual energy from millennia of abuse.