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Sean David Morton

Free Workshop
The Ultimate Solutions Life Hack Seminar!
Sunday, 6-7:30 pm  Rm 5

So many people telling us we are all doomed! In this all new T.E.D presentation, Morton will give you all the latest information that solves many of the problems and challenges facing us today: How to keep children safe from vaccinations? How to stop the effects of cell phone radiation and chemtrails? What causes cancer and where are the best treatments? What products offer cutting edge science for life extension? How to change my status, stop being a 14th Amendment federal slave and use my birth
certificate to take back ownership of my body? Don’t miss this seminar from one the greatest minds in the new age movement!

Sean David Morton is the author of the five star book series Sands of Time and host of the top rated Strange Universe Radio with over 2.5 million listeners. The incredible and amazing Dr. Sean David Morton will be bringing you cutting edge truth as you bathe in the power and wisdom that only knowledge can bring!