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Official New Living Expo

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April 27-29 2018
A New Era of Awareness

This website is your guide to planning and experiencing your best Expo ever!

This expo has enhanced our diverse San Francisco Bay area communities with meaningful and enlightening programs for 16 years and counting. The major shifts in consciousness that we are experiencing now require a toolkit of knowledge that New Living Expo provides. Lectures, workshops and special events that are experienced in a live event have proven to be life changing.

The connectivity between body, mind and spirit are more important today than ever before. Love and Light are everywhere if you raise your awareness! New Living Expo is a forum for networking and personal growth. Once you arrive, you will find yourself navigating an amazing menu of personally-enriching and direct experiences with spiritual leaders, respected teachers and best-selling authors. This website is your guide to planning and experience your best Expo ever!

San Mateo Event Center
1346 Saratoga Drive, San Mateo, CA


New Living Expo 2016
New Living Expo 2016
Caroline Myss
James Van Praagh
Marianne Williamson
Deborah King
Corey Goode
John Gray
Loretta Swit
Andrew Collins