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Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj Miraculous Divine Spiritual Healing

Room 2

12:30 pm - 2:00 pm

Saturday Free Workshops 1.5hrs

Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj      Miraculous Divine Spiritual Healing

Experience practical
solutions for healing in
all aspects of life in a
miraculous session led by
Wellness Master Vasanth
Vijayji Maharaj. A human
body has a special vibration by its soul energy, by
heart beating and it has also a special frequency
which connects us towards the whole universal beings
and the living body has special energy, which attracts
the things what we want.

Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj will describe how we will
experience the divine miraculous healing in our
thoughts and actions so we can create a better life.
Join us for a heartfelt Life transforming Session for the
betterment of the world, healing fear, anxiety, stress,
depression, illness and more.


His Holiness Vasanth Vijayji Maharaj is a World-Renowned
Wellness Guru who has mastered all sciences of Spiritual
Wellbeing by doing continuous penance and meditation for the
past 20 years in the icy mountains of Himalayas, Vindyachal and
Kaasi, the most powerful places in India.His Holiness is a
Storehouse of Spiritual Knowledge and is named with Several
Titles such as Spiritual Healer, Philanthropist, Reiki Master,
Astrologer, Gemmologist, Numerologist, Psychologist, Palmist,
Motivational Speaker, Exemplary Yoga Guru, Sound Therapist,
Wellness Practitioner and Trainer, Acupuncturist, Positive Vibrator,
Life Transformer, Powerful Remover of all Negativity, Anxiety,
Anger, Fear, Depression, and any Illness in body.
Nominated for World’s Highest Honor Nobel Peace Prize, His
Holiness holds a Diplomatic Passport for International Parliament
for Safety and Peace and appointed as Ambassador of Peace by
the United Nations. His Holiness has millions of followers
throughout India. Millions are transformed by His preachings
worldwide. The World is Immensely Blessed by His Presence.
His Holiness have constructed a huge glass temple and Spiritual
Centre in India that have achieved 9 Guinness World Records
and 600 other World Records for his commendable Humanitarian
Services worldwide. All are welcome to visit the Centre in India.
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