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Time to go on a ‘thought diet.’


Time to go on a ‘thought diet.’


Overthinking too much? Time to go on a ‘thought diet.’

In the same way that you take steps to reduce the amount of food you eat in order to lose weight, you can encourage motivational and positive thoughts with a bit of practice and determination. The key is to reject the runaway train that is your conscious mind in its most hyperactive state.


When you choose certain foods that are high in nutrition, and in the right portion sizes, you’re choosing to optimize your bodily engine with the right fuel. When you strengthen your mental capacity, you can reject negative thoughts before they take hold and grip your waking hours with endless chatter.


Start questioning your mental habits. Are you having a dialogue with yourself that is supportive and nurturing? Or are you self-bashing with a lot of negative energy? It may not seem easy at first but if you think of the inner zen that is actually achievable, and how much better you’ll feel and function, that reward in itself should be motivational. Stop the anger – stop watching or listening to current events via the mass media. You can’t fix nor tune out the world, but you can choose what news to digest. What’s happening locally that you love? Focus, always strive to focus on small bites of good news. Create an inner ‘Pause’ button to use often, before you hit ‘Play.’


Also, boost yourself up frequently throughout your day with simple affirmations when your (now) old habits of mind noise try to return. Any words will do: “I am worthy of happiness” “I am deserving of love.” “This thing is not worthy of my time” etc. Gently remind yourself occasionally “I’m on a thought diet – No negative calories for me.”


Then, when you start to truly feel a difference, your consciousness will be fueled with empowerment, and the assurance that a thought diet is possible. Idling your mental engine can be exhausting! Keep trying methods that work for you, whether they include meditation, an increase in quality sleep or even joining a group that satisfies your need for creativity that will ground you, and be kind, be patient and enjoy the benefits of a slimmer, trimmer mental state. Bon appétit!

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