Sunday 4-5:30pm room 2

This is a paid workshop you either need to buy a $28 reg seat, or a Vip $44 seat plus general admission ticket for that day to attend.

The Secret Life of Mary Magdalene, the Female Christ

For over 2000 years we have heard about the profound life of Jesus Christ, but few know about the hidden history of Jeshua and Mary Magdalene as powerful spiritual Initiates of ancient Egypt and India. This beautiful historic workshop by researcher and clairvoyant Tricia McCannon chronicles the veiled history of these great Masters to reveal Mary Magdalene as an incarnation of the Goddess Sophia. Sophia is the name given by the Greeks and Jews to the Goddess of Wisdom. It was believed that Sophia, like Isis, incarnates again and again into this world to bring the keys of ascension to humanity.

Tricia McCannon does not always come alone. The divine Daughter and Son come as a pair just as Isis and Osiris, Rama and Sita, Radha and Krishna, and Jesus and Mary Magdalene came together. In the years following the crucifixion, it was Mary Magdalene who was chosen to teach the Inner Mysteries of the Way of the Chalice, and the wisdom that will lead us home. This hidden history lies at the heart of the legends of the Holy Grail in France and Britain. They not only address the bloodline of Jesus and Mary, and the meaning of the Sacred Chalice, but the critical importance of the Divine Feminine that is rising in the world today.