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Tiffanae Dawn Luke

New Living Expo / Tiffanae Dawn Luke

Tiffanae Dawn Luke


Self-Mastery & Ancient Science Medicine | Sunday April 29 | 3-3:45 pm | Room 2 | Booth 518

Gain confidence and self-empowerment through an awareness of the causes and effects in your life. Through mindful longevity practices and stress reduction you can have a renewed sense of self. The time-tested and prevention-oriented ancient health care system of India, known as Ayurvedic medicine, is needed now more than ever in modern society. Tiny adjustments can bring transformational health to help you manifest miraculous shifts away from struggles you may have had for years.

Tiffanae Dawn Luke, C.A.S. is a clinical Ayurvedic specialist and longevity expert. Her skills as a transformational health and bodywork practitioner help people reach deep insights, and experience shifts in their entire health: physically, mentally, and emotionally.