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Suzanne Du Molin

New Living Expo / Suzanne Du Molin

Suzanne Du Molin


Living in a Radioactive World – Spiritual Solutions | Sunday April 28 | 12-12:45 pm | Room 2

Our nation is awash in ionizing radiation, with potentially catastrophic implications for human health. Gamma radiation from Fukushima, nuclear bombs and testing, and nuclear power plants has the potential to alter DNA and cause cancer and other serious health effects. Gamma levels throughout the U.S. are now at 4 to 10 times the tolerable limit published by the EPA pre-Fukushima. Learn dietary and spiritual techniques for mitigating the effects of radiation in our bodies and world.

Suzanne Du Molin has studied spirituality for 30 years, including the teachings of the ascended masters, from which she will share spiritual technologies for counteracting radioactive frequencies. Post-Fukushima, she has studied radiation in depth.