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Stanley Krippner

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Stanley Krippner


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Seeking the Magic Mushroom

Chaos Theory explains how small events can have unforeseen consequences. Reading an article in LIFE magazine about Maria Sabina in 1958 triggered a series of life events that led to my work with psilocybin mushrooms and other psychedelics. In another example, I visited Timothy Leary in the 1960s where some students from MIT discussed their experiences smoking marijuana. This led me to study research on the topic and I became an advocate for marijuana legalization, an event I predicted in a 1972 article.

Join me as I discuss: A Chaotic Life: The Memoirs of Stanley Krippner Pioneering Humanist Psychologist. University Professors Press

Stanley Krippner, Ph.D., has received lifetime achievement awards from the Parapsychological Association, the International Association for the Study of Dreams, and the Society for Humanistic Psychology.  Krippner is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, which granted him its 2002 Award for Distinguished Contributions to the International Development of Psychology. He is an Affiliated Distinguished Faculty member of the California Institute of integral Studies