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Sifu Matthew – The Injury Whisperer

New Living Expo / Sifu Matthew – The Injury Whisperer

Sifu Matthew – The Injury Whisperer


The Injury Whisperer

Empower Your Elements Healing Event | Sunday, 4/29 | 7-8:30pm | Room 1 [$49]

Sifu Matthew will share with you the intricate science of connecting to, and manipulating your elements to heal your conditions and pains for good. He will guide you with the power and wisdom he has used to heal thousands of chronic pains, addictions and deep imbalances through his mastery of form, precise positions and inner energetics.

Your conditions, pains and chronic imbalances, whether mental, emotional or physical are an imbalance of your electromagnetism and elements. When you can access and align them through the proper positions and direction, miraculous healing can occur naturally.

Sifu Matthew will:
Heal your stagnant forces and align your electromagnetic field
Teach you the precise positions to access your elements and clear them.
Deliver a group healing and heal individual injuries.
Demonstrate the science of building power.



Forces That Heal For Real  |  Saturday 28  |  11-11:45am  |  Room 2  |  FREE Lecture

Meet The Injury Whisperer. Sifu Matthew is a world renowned healer, athletic performance expert, and founder of The Martial Arts of Wellness ( He is known for his ability to rapidly regenerate body tissues, ligaments, and bones. He has consistently healed chronic conditions like Morton’s Neuroma, Arthritis, and much more.

Sifu Matthew will demonstrate the science of using position, direction, and Martial forces, to heal chronic conditions and harness power. He will discuss the tangible science of when and why the body heals, what blocks it from doing so, and how to override those blocks.

Sifu Matthews Healing Testimonials:


Group healings and consultations available at Booth 510 from 4/27-4/29
Email to reserve a slot.