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Saryon Michael White

New Living Expo / Saryon Michael White

Saryon Michael White


Activating Our Ancient Bridge to the Natural World – FRI 27 | 4-4:45pm | Room 5

An Ancient Bridge into the hidden realities of nature is beginning to activate through the human chakra system. Saryon and his partner Dixie, along with their Crystal Alchemy Bowls, will offer a Sound Healing Activation to stimulate the opening of this Ancient Bridge and its connection to the Crystalline Grid of the New Earth. Don’t miss Saryon’s profoundly activating planetary update, and a brief talk about his new book Roya Sands and the Living Library.

Saryon is the founder of the School of Manifestation, an online resource of teachings for those interested in learning how to channel. His private sessions have helped people throughout the world connect with their spiritual guides.