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Paul Weisbart

New Living Expo / Paul Weisbart


Scalarwave Laser Introduction | Sunday April 29 | 6-6:45 pm | Room 2 | Booth 243

Come experience a revolutionary non-linear approach to quantum wellness based on the proven science of the quantum field – or energy – which surrounds the body. This lecture will introduce easy-to-use tools for clearing stress and tension, using this non-linear energy of the universe for health and rejuvenation. The remarkable Scalarwave Laser is a tool to gather energy for pain relief, circulation, inflammation, arthritic pain and relaxation of tissue.

Lillie and Paul Weisbart are the developers of Stillpoint, a life-changing yogic approach to welcoming challenges and arriving into a new era here on planet earth. They are the inventors of Scalarlaser and other transformational technologies.