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Mike Bara

New Living Expo / Mike Bara


New York Times bestselling author Mike Bara will dig deep into the newly released Kennedy assassination files to reveal what they prove about the Ancient Alien/NASA connection to the death of the president. Using never before seen images, documents and video footage, Bara will show that the alien presence on the Moon was THE driving for behind Kennedy’s murder in Dallas. He will also answer the question of whether Lee Harvey Oswald was part of the conspiracy or merely a “patsy” as he always claimed, whether the “deep state” was involved, and will finally reveal the identity of the second shooter on the grassy knoll.

Mike Bara is an author, lecturer and TV personality. He began his research career after spending more than 25 years as a consultant for major aerospace companies, where he was a card-carrying member of the military/industrial complex. A self-described “born-again conspiracy theorist,” Mike’s current book is Ancient Aliens and JFK.


New Living Expo

New Living Expo