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Indra Rinzler

New Living Expo / Indra Rinzler


The 4 Doorways to Conscious Living | Sunday April 28 | 1-1:45 pm | Room 4 | Booth 235

Indra will share the 4 Doorways – natural steps on our path that yield, like night yields to day, to our increased awareness. There is nothing to buy, nothing to read, one just has to pay attention. It is possible to go within to clear what does not belong, including misidentifications and self-denying thinking, which can blacken each moment. This is a comprehensive approach to our awakening that requires nothing but simple effort.

For 45 years Indra has been involved in spirituality and astrology. He has been studying and sharing enneagram of personality since 1999. He uses these modalities in life readings which he’s offering in his booth.

New Living Expo

New Living Expo