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Hayso Soutenet

New Living Expo / Hayso Soutenet


Medical Medium: Info on Healing Chronic Illness | Friday April 27 | 8-8:45 pm | Room 2 | Booth 433

I will be sharing information from Anthony William, “The Medical Medium,” regarding healing the epidemic of chronic, mystery illnesses. With some of Anthony’s background, as well as my own healing journey using his protocol, we will delve into his 28-day cleanse, his heavy-metal detox for Alzheimer’s, the tea blends for radiation poisoning and detox from exposure to herbicides, pesticides, chlorine, fluoride, plastics and cleaning solvents. I will also briefly review weight loss and fertility.

Hayso Soutenet has studied numerous healing and spiritual modalities for over 30 years. She has traveled the world from India to Brazil and from ashram to shaman seeking spiritual awakening and her own healing from Lyme disease.