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Gerry Snelling

New Living Expo / Gerry Snelling


Integration of Body, Mind and Spirit | Saturday April 28 | 5-5:45 pm | Room 4 | Booth 314

Dr. Gerry Snelling will discuss the integration of Body, Mind and Spirit. He will address the issues of how to keep the Body healthy and fit, the Mind focused and happy, and the Spirit attuned to inner wisdom. Dr. Gerry and his wife, Diane, will share of themselves and their life experiences that led them to create Snelling Total Wellness. Join us for a lively and entertaining hour.

Dr. Gerry Snelling is an advanced practitioner of many health and healing technologies including Applied Kinesiology, Metabolic Nutrition, Yoga, and principles of Vedanta. The NLE producer Ken Kaufman and his wife Corinna see Dr. Snelling regularly.