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Francesca McCartney

New Living Expo / Francesca McCartney

Francesca McCartney


The Language of Intuition-Science of Medical Intuition | Friday 27 | 6-6:45pm | Room 5

Dr. Francesca McCartney describes the multiple ways a person experiences Intuition. Having just five senses is a limited belief. Humans use more than 21 senses and the majority are intuitive senses. Did you know that intuition is the language used in the practice of Medical Intuition? You may already be adept with this language for assessing your own health. Find out how you are presently operating with multiple Intuitive receptors.

Francesca’s Ph.D. is in Energy Medicine. Since 1976 she has been a medical intuitive, author and educator. In 1984 she founded the Academy of Intuition Medicine®, a licensed vocational program in Energy Medicine. In 2017 Francesca launched Academy of Intuition Medicine Online®, which offers certificates in Energy Medicine.

Movie: PGS Intuition | Friday 27 | 7-9pm  | Room 5