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Emmanuel Dagher

New Living Expo / Emmanuel Dagher


Sunday 12-2pm Gen. Adm. $39 / Preferred Seating VIP $59

Learn how to become your own greatest healer.

The world is changing now faster than ever.

As these shifts and changes happen, they are bringing up all of the deeply rooted pain, traumas, and struggles so many of us have carried for so very long.

As overwhelming as these times can feel, they are serving as a catalyst, offering us a powerful, unprecedented opportunity for healing and transformation.

We can release the old traumas and patterns that confine us to the hamster wheel of suffering, for good. We can create a much brighter, happier, healthier reality for ourselves and our world.

In this experiential, collaborative talk, Emmanuel will assist you with the foundations and tools to heal from the barriers between you and creating your best life. You will learn to show up for yourself more than ever before, clearing the path to becoming your own greatest healer – and much more!

Be ready to have fun, connect and expand in extraordinary ways! Open your heart to accepting the overflowing support, love and healing Emmanuel will be offering, and welcome the deep-seated change you truly seek!



Emmanuel Dagher is widely recognized as a leading voice of a new generation helping to raise the consciousness of humanity.

As a multi-bestselling author, teacher, and founder of the healing technology The Core Work Method©, Emmanuel’s message of healing, personal transformation and love is resonating deeply within the hearts and minds of those on a path to self-realization.

Emmanuel has helped tens of thousands of people create lives of joy, freedom, fulfillment, and well-being.