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Dr. Tim O’Shea

New Living Expo / Dr. Tim O’Shea

Dr. Tim O’Shea


The Cure for All Disease | Saturday April 28 | 4-4:45 pm | Room 2 | Booth 533

40% of diseases are misdiagnosed and mistreated. More people die from treatment for disease than from the diseases themselves. Live Cell Bioterrain testing shows that toxemia – a gradual blood poisoning from years of processed foods – is the cause of most diseases. Drugs don’t cure it. A better way is to clean the blood and clear the digestive tract, unblock arterial flow, increase oxygen to all tissues, restore normal elimination, and rejuvenate the dying tissues. Think you’ve tried everything? You haven’t tried this.

Dr. Tim O’Shea is the creator of the website and is a DC, clinical nutritionist, and author of the new vaccine text, The War on Children. His lectures and YouTube videos are known around the world. This will be a multimedia presentation.