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Debra Meehl

New Living Expo / Debra Meehl


Shamanic Transformation – How to Heal & Stay Healed | Friday April 27 |  7-7:45 pm | Room 4 | Booth 211

Most of us experience some profound healing in our lives. The difficulty is that once the healing is over, nothing keeps you from being wounded again. Weaving together traditional spiritual healing and elemental magic with simple, realistic life skills, Debra shares the secret to Shamanic Transformation – healing and staying healed. Break free from your cycle of wounding, embrace your divine right to wholeness and joy, and become the healed healer.

Debra Meehl is a nationally recognized educator, author, and spiritual coach. Her inclusive approach to healing blends evidence-based methods & ancient spiritual practices to call back the missing and broken pieces of the souls.