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Deborah Graham

New Living Expo / Deborah Graham


WORKSHOP $25/$40 : Start a New Beginning LOVE, CAREER, FINANCES, LIFE’S PURPOSE Saturday 3-4:30

Celebrity Psychic Deborah Graham, The Intuitive Relationship Expert says it’s time to clean out all of the negativity. Deborah Graham wants to bring in a new you and start a brand new beginning. If you feel stuck by the energy vampires, Deborah will give you a spiritual enema. Whether it is from this life or a past life, Deborah Graham will help clear out any karmic debt. She will show you how to open yourself up to a whole new possibility. Ask questions and get answers! All who attend will receive a crystal that will open you up and clear out the negative energy. 


Celebrity Psychic Deborah Graham is a born gifted psychic. With over 38 years experience as a spiritualist, reader, advisor, psychic medium, internationally known from reality TV show Psychic Matchmaker, Sirius XM radio and published author of many books, Deborah Graham will help you solve all affairs in life.  Please visit her booth #16   www.psychicDeborahGraham. com