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David Gibson

New Living Expo / David Gibson


The Sound of Love and Light  |  Sunday April 29  |  1-1:45pm | Room 3 | Booth 430

We will locate the frequency, tonalities, music and intention of gratitude, love, compassion, and joy for ourselves in this session. We will also discuss how higher consciousness is more about coherence, stability and smooth flow, rather than a higher frequency. We will then do a meditation to connect to where we are all one with the universe – the ultimate vibration where we are all frequencies that make up source energy.

David Gibson is the director of Globe Institute in San Francisco and online, offering Certificate/Associates programs in sound healing. David is author of The Complete Guide to Sound Healing and top-selling producer of sound healing music.

Free Panel Discussion: Sound and Higher Consciousness  |  Sunday April 29  |  6-6:45pm  |  Room 7

Sound healing encompasses the full spectrum – from esoteric, ancient shamanic practices to purely scientific medical applications. The panel will be discussing how to use frequencies, sounds, music and intention to entrain oneself and others into higher states of consciousness with sound – including gratitude, compassion, love, joy and oneness – so these become the norm in our lives and on the planet.

Come learn about the esoteric power of sound healing instruments, including the voice. We will also do a group “sound bath,” where you will experience profound sounds including crystal bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, and tuning forks that will transform you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The panel includes some of the top sound healers in the field.