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David Christopher Lewis

New Living Expo / David Christopher Lewis

David Christopher Lewis


Free Lecture: Saint Germain’s Alchemical Blessing of Lightworkers  |  Saturday April 28  |  4-4:45pm | Room 4 | Booth 247

Master Alchemist, Aquarian Avatar, God of Freedom, and Lover of Our Souls, Saint Germain will co-create, with participants, live alchemy through David Christopher Lewis to bless and accelerate personal and planetary consciousness and alchemical joy. He will use the violet laser light – a more advanced frequency than the violet flame – to quicken global transmutation and change. Engage Saint Germain in a live Q & A. Expect miracles, new revelations, and a powerful uplift in Spirit!

David Christopher Lewis is a mystic, author and clairaudient spokesperson for the ascended masters. He shares the ascended masters’ practical, progressive revelations for self-realization. David co-founded The Hearts Center and Meru University.

Free Panel Discussion: Ascension Now  |  Sunday April 29  |  4-4:45pm | Room 7

Spiritual Awakening to higher consciousness is currently taking place all over the planet, and accelerating human evolution on all levels. This directly impacts our lives, including the physical, mental, emotional, egoic and spiritual aspects of who we are.

Join spiritual experts in an illuminating exploration of the “Current Cosmic Ascension Plan,” as they discuss ancient mysticism, energetic quickening, dismantling of corrupt systems, shifting timelines, the solar flash, genetic transfiguration, 5th dimensional living and Soul embodiment.



New Living Expo

New Living Expo