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Clifford Mahooty

New Living Expo / Clifford Mahooty

Clifford Mahooty


Free Workshop: The Zuni People and the Star People Connection  |  Saturday April 28  |  3-4:30pm  |  Room 5

The star people brought technologies and taught the Zuni the arts and skills – along with spiritual rituals and religious practices – to be in harmony with nature and all the living things. After many decades of silence among the Native Indians, the wisdom of the original people will be disclosed about off-planet, inner-earth, paranormal and spiritual beings. The American Indians are aware of the planet changes, people conflicts, deviation from religion, spirituality and consciousness. They have always warned invaders of the Indian lands, but to no avail. Now is the time to review the remnants of their ancient ancestral knowledge to prepare for future events. STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN.

Clifford Mahooty is a Zuni Indian Elder and a member of the tribal orders of Kachina, Galaxy Medicine, and Sun Clan. Mahooty is a retired civil/environmental engineer. He is courageously conveying and disclosing information held back by the native tribes for decades.

Free Panel Discussion: UFO Disclosure / Extraterrestrial Life on Earth Revealed  |  Saturday April 28  |  11-12:30pm | Room 7

Join us for the most startling and revealing look at extraterrestrial science, UFO sightings, and direct contact you will see on record. The world holds its breath as we are on the cusp of disclosure and the government revealing the truth – that we are being visited by lifeforms from outside our solar system.

Hear six leading authors reveal the hidden truth about ancient astronauts, secret bases, personal abductions, covert operations, and photos of the latest UFO sightings from around the world. Our team has been featured on TV shows: The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, Hangar One, CNN, FOX News, and assorted award-winning documentaries.

The program includes an outstanding power-point presentation that will show you stunning images of the latest sightings from around the world. Prepare for contact!