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Chen Ben Asher

New Living Expo / Chen Ben Asher


What If Gluten-Free Is Not Enough? A Balanced Diet | Saturday April 28 | 11-11:45 am | Room 3 | Booth 434

Going gluten-free is often only the beginning of your healing journey. Discovering what your body needs to heal and balance your system is a process that requires knowledge, experimentation, and diligence. In this exciting presentation, board certified nutritionist and Amazon best seller Chen Ben Asher will explore the science behind the gluten-free diet and how it challenges our six bodily systems. With the right direction, you too can achieve balance, vitality and weight loss.

Chen Ben Asher, M.A, is a board certified nutritionist and a leading authority on weight management, women’s health and gluten sensitivity. As a functional clinician, she provides a holistic approach by looking at the root causes of body system imbalances.