Build your base

Alienum phaedrum torquatos nec eu, vis detraxit periculis ex, nihil expetendis in mei. Mei an pericula euripidis, hinc partem ei est.

Caroline Casey

New Living Expo / Caroline Casey



Bodhisatva Coyote*Bre’r Rabbit-Rumi

Guide to being a good Citi-zen Trickster 


Nature’s evolutionary Genius (aka Uranus) is eager to cahoot for necessary miracles,

willing to be our booking agent, via serendipitous synchronicity….

All Coyote wants to seal the deal is our declaration of available willingness…

So let’s do this together.

“We are willing and available to Mystery!”

Our convening chart abounds with quintiles, 72 degree angles


The question be not, “What’s gonna happen?”

but…”What is available with which to cooperate.” 

The astro*mytho*politico narrative answers that question.


“Co-operators are standing by!”

The more words, metaphors, stories – the more ways to participate…


To and fro langiuage and metaphor crafting..



Caroline Casey, the renowned “Visionary Activist Astrologer” and “story-language crafter” at Coyote Network News (“the Mythological New Service for the Trickster Redeemer within us all”), has been hosting and “weaving context” on her beloved Pacifica Radio Visionary Activist Show for 26 years, and is the author of the book, Making the Gods Work for You. Caroline has long presented her uniquely provocative, inspiring and vividly entertaining “astro-mythological” political meta-story-telling in a very wide range of multi-media venues.