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Brenda Wade

New Living Expo / Brenda Wade


Invisible wounds and your love life: Healing toxic love FRI 27 | 4-4:45pm | Rm4

Featured on the Dr. Oz show, this new and powerful therapeutic wellness program is designed to unlock decades of emotional blocks and traumas and dissolve invisible wounds. This program targets undetected emotional scars which can haunt us throughout our lives and damage our relationships with family and loved ones. These long-buried unconscious wounds include past family traumas and political, social and institutional traumas, as well as emotional scars from sexism, racism and homophobia.

Dr. Brenda Wade is a regular guest on the Dr. Oz Show. She hosts the Modern Love radio show, and is author of Love lessons, What Mama Couldn’t Tell Us About Love, and Power Choices.

New Living Expo

New Living Expo