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Bernd Friedlander

New Living Expo / Bernd Friedlander

Bernd Friedlander


Free Panel Discussion: New Therapeutics Advancement In Optimize Health And Longevity  | Sunday April 29  |  2-2:45pm | Room 7

Recent advances in biophysics involving light therapies are not only revolutionizing pain management, but also curing a wide range of chronic diseases that have been basically untreatable until now. Maurice Bales and Len Saputo, MD will review how it works, the conditions it treats, and where you can get it.

New research using specific light frequencies has made it possible to now effectively, safely, and affordably reverse diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, traumatic brain injuries, and much more in just minutes!

Heal the sun deficiency epidemic! Introducing the science of “Photo-Nutrient” supplementation via Sun Replacement TherapyTM – for skin & hair, brain, cardiovascular, emotional, & immune health. The sun has many benefits to your longevity, beauty, mood, and resisting cancer, heart diseases, hypertension, erectile-dysfunction, auto-immune disorders, and infectious disease. A health revolution far beyond Vitamin D!

Look at stem cells, PRP and ozone in the treatment of shoulder & knee injuries, dentistry, and cosmetic benefits in reversing skin aging.

Healthy aging depends on the environment outside and inside. By biohacking the pathways that control diseases, cancer, strokes, inflammation and mitochondria function, today we can optimize health and longevity.

Free Lecture: Energy, Regeneration and Longevity  |  Sunday April 29  |  5-5:45pm | Room 1

Aging and diseases are caused by impaired mitochondrial function, cellular respiration, inflammation, stress, senescence cells, and endotoxins developed in the gut which leak out. Longevity and regenerative abilities begin with having efficient mitochondria which provide energy to all cells. Maintaining a high metabolic rate has shown to increase life span by increasing NAD+, CO2 and thyroid, and reducing PUFAs, lactic acid, serotonin, nitric oxide, tryptophan, and estrogen, as these effect energy production. Also necessary is plenty of sunlight, sleep, aspirin, vitamins D, K, E and CO Q, niacinamide, thyroid, progesterone, exercise and proper diet.

Dr. Bernd Friedlander, is a researcher in preventive medicine, light and magnetic therapies, owner and product developer to physicians and elite athletes, as well as sports chiropractor to professional football, basketball, track and field athletes.