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Antoine Chevalier, PhD

New Living Expo / Antoine Chevalier, PhD

Antoine Chevalier, PhD


Holographic Kinetics for Autism, PTSD, Suicidal Depression | Sunday April 28 | 2-2:45pm | Room 2 | Booth 203

Antoine Chevalier, Ph.D., is an international speaker, teacher, author, and researcher (USA, Canada, Japan and Europe). He will speak about Holographic Kinetics by Steve Richards (Australia), which successfully & permanently treats people suffering from PTSD, Autism, depression, suicide and much more by applying the 60,000 year-old universal knowledge called LORE from the Australian Aborigines. They got published twice in peer reviewed scientific journals. It will be a lecture with questions & answers, with sessions available at the booth.

Antoine Ph.D. Sorbonne University Paris; international development and anthropology in Zimbabwe, which led to UNESCO bio sphere in the mid Zambezi valley. Second PhD: naturopathic doctor. White House practitioner since 2001.