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Alexis Cartwright

New Living Expo / Alexis Cartwright

Alexis Cartwright


Alchemy & Light – Manifest your Golden Age Reality | Saturday April 28 | 6-6:45 pm | Room 4 | Booth 227

We have anchored into a fifth-dimensional world, but how do we create a Golden Age existence? The answer lies in how we run our energy. Our body and reality are made of the same matter. When we alchemically change our atoms and cells, we heal and integrate our light-body, creating a new holographic reality. Join Alexis Cartwright and Transference Healing to connect with inter-dimensional frequencies and learn how you can uncover your highest potential.

Alexis Cartwright created the alchemical healing and light-body modality and does Transference Healing. This Australian-based teacher has authored four books. Her schedule includes radio appearances, mass healings, and mystery schools and training’s facilitated to a global audience.