Sunday 1:30-3pm room 4

“Wake Up Excited & Go To Bed Fulfilled”

This is a paid workshop, you need either a $28 reg seat or a Vip $44 seat, plus a general admission ticket for that day to attend.

Having a front row seat to his father becoming paralyzed at the age of 28, Eric Saperston witnessed struggle and overcoming adversity on an intimate level. He knew there was more to life than disappointment and hardship, so he set a course to change his trajectory and pursue a more meaningful and fulfilling life.

But how? His immediate family surroundings were less than optimal. That’s when Eric decided to increase his odds of success and a chance for an extraordinary life. He jumped into his Volkswagen bus with his golden retriever Jack and embarked on a journey to take the most successful people in the world out for coffee.


Saperston’s presentation celebrates his interviews with thousands of global visionaries, pioneers, and champions of industry to discover and teach the common traits and differences which separate ordinary performance from legendary success. 

Eric has been a featured guest on The Today Show, CNN, Headline News, PBS and has been written about in the New York Times, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Spin Magazine, Fast Company and National Geographic. 

Eric and his wife Sarah live on an organic farm off-grid in Maui, Hawaii.  He travels the globe inspiring audiences to wake up excited, go to bed fulfilled, and produce extraordinary results on their journey.