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Wynn Free
The God Realm – Exposed

Room 2

6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Author Wynn Free was writing his classic book The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce (about the David Wilcock/Cayce connection), when he himself unexpectedly started channeling, “(They) want to talk to you…”

Since 2002, he’s had an amazing ongoing dialogue with a Source identifying itself as the Group Soul that created the universe. He’ll be sharing the answers to some of humanity’s deepest spiritual questions, providing many with life-changing transformations.

Wynn has done numerous lectures, radio shows (including George Noory’s Coast to Coast eight times), weekly podcasts, and has published many articles. Will Blue Otter, Native American host of Prophecy Keepers, called him “the most important guest in my 12 years on the air.” Wynn introduces a radical new paradigm about who God really is, what happens when you die, the real story of Jesus, why prayer works, and how we can create best possible outcomes for our planet and ourselves.  Don’t miss this epic event!

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