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TwinRay FREE WORKSHOP Embodying The Golden Age

Room 4

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Embodying The Golden Age 

The truth about ascension and spiritual evolution

What if Heaven wasn’t a distant destination, but your true nature here and now?

What if you could discover this paradise by simply shifting your mind’s perception, and opening your heart?

What if love, peace and happiness were not fleeting sensations, but your timeless, ongoing experience?

With so many people having challenges assimilating the new energies and frequencies that are coming in at this time, it is imperative that you remember who and what you really are. It is vital that you remember why you chose to be here at this time to serve this Ascension mission. As Earth settles into her 5th dimensional home, the 3D reality that you have known for centuries begins to fall away.

This is a time of great prophecy, and the ones who have heard the Clarion Call have come to Earth to serve the Light, to uplift humanity and to collectively create The Golden Age here on this planet.

This workshop will have you feeling inspired and will definitely ignite the divine flame within you.

Join Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji as they share advanced, yet deep heart centered truths to support the transcendence of suffering. Come experience how to awaken your Divine Self, and unravel the mysteries of Living Heaven on Earth here and now.