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Tracey Ash
Meta-Physics + Ascension


1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

We micro-reduce conventional time 3D frameworks. You will experience deep wound resolution. This will ramp up your frequency, consciousness and meta-physics training, sacred destiny and genuine contribution to humanity. Expect quantum initiations and a sacred education of dreams , prophesies and synchs as your sacred gifts are awakened. This is premier new frontier training as taught by Tracey Ash and e-Chin in their Ancient Intelligence Mystey School programs.



New Frontier Consciousness Training, Star-gates, Meta-Physics + Sacred Destiny. Co-Creators of Ancient Intelligence Mystery School and Avatars of Earth Gathering, Tracey Ash and her husband e-Chin are dedicated to raising consciousness and healing humanity.

See Booth #351

Also Tracey will be on the Ascension Panel at 4pm Sunday


New Living Expo

New Living Expo