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Sue Whittaker
DeTOX with Non-Consumable Supplements

Room 7

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Sunday Free Lectures 45mins

DeTOX with Non-Consumable Supplements | Sunday  1 pm | Room 7

There are six issues with medicine and it’s not nice to admit them. They make producers and consumers uncomfortable: How much to take, When to take them, What forms to use, How to get them to the right places, How to ensure the rest of the body is not affected, and How to ensure there are no unwanted interactions or side effects. I have answers to these questions and will focus on how they relate to CBD and THC.

Sue Whittaker was raised in Alaska’s wilderness and worked along the Bering Sea. She co-authored Oregon’s law on identity theft, is an expert on solar power systems, and is an activist for alternative medicine. Please Visit Booth 83