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Brain Balancing Music for Optimal Healing

Room 3

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Brain Balancing Music for Optimal Healing

Hack your brain and program your genes for optimal well-being, enhanced meditation mindfulness. Discover secrets of music as a sonic portal to the 5th dimension. Enjoy  higher creativity, better sleep, support for ADHD (all ages) at the speed of sound.  We’ll experience ancient acoustic archaeology,   the buzz about music tuned to Earth’s brainwave Harmonics (432 Hz), chakra balancing meditation and instant access to Deep Theta state entrainment.

Be uplifted and empowered.


STEVEN HALPERN is a Grammy nominated, multi-platinum recording artist, producer, author and pioneering sound healer.  Recognized as a founding Father of New Age music, his music is a channelled gift that supports conscious contact with Source. Dannion Brinkley credits Steven’s SPECTRUM SUITE/ CHAKRA SUITE with helping save his life’.  James Van Praagh calls Steven’s music “a gift from Heaven”. His DEEP ALPHA was a 2012 Grammy nominee for Best New Age album, the only brainwave/meditation album ever honored. Steven was named “One of the 20 most influential keyboardists of the past 20 years” in 1995 by “Keyboard” magazine. His music is used in corporate wellness programs and destination spas. Steven has consulted for Digital Corp, Coca-Cola, Muzak and destination spas.  Recent research demonstrates how effective his uniquely functional music is for individuals among the ADHD community, either children, parents, teachers or other adults. Hear his music at, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora, etc.