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Robin Blanc Mascari
Live Younger – Affordable Stem Cell Activation


2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Saturday Free Lectures 45mins

Live Younger – Affordable Stem Cell Activation| Saturday 2 pm | Room 1  |  Booth 551

A recent historic breakthrough in affordable stem cell activation has been discovered using light.  Discover how activating a copper peptide activates your own younger stem cells, alters gene expression to a younger you, accelerates wound healing, and much more.  Stem cells are the future of medicine and until very recently has been out of range financially for the masses.  Come and learn how you can live younger for the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

Robin Blanc Mascari has been marketing cutting edge natural health products for over 25 years, and has a background in speaking, training and coaching.



Also speaking is:

Daniel Bushnell is a writer, speaker, filmmaker, wisdom teacher and passionate advocate of natural health, age-free longevity, and cultivating the joy of living a soul-infused life.

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