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Robert Perala
Extraterrestrials and The Nature of Existence

Room 7

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Friday Free Lectures 45mins

Extraterrestrials and The Nature of Existence  | Friday 5 PM  |  Room 1

Robert presents a remarkable account of his direct contact and abduction by Extraterrestrials. Learn about divine intelligence and how Earth is being birthed into a larger expression that encompasses spirit guides, extraterrestrial emissaries known as the Pleiadians, and the secrets of life’s continuum.  The lecture includes a stunning Powerpoint presentation.

Robert Perala is host of his own internet show The Perala Report, and is the author of the best selling publications: The Divine Blueprint and The Divine Architect. He is considered one of North America’s foremost inspirational speakers and has been featured on CNN, The FOX Network, Showtime, REN TV (Russia), and Coast To Coast AM. He can be found at:

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