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Renee Blodgett and Anthony Compagnone WORKSHOP Interactive Channelling Experience: Understanding Your Soul


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Renee Blodgett and Anthony Compagnone: Interactive Channelling Experience: Understanding Your Soul


Interact with the Ascended Masters during this riveting channeling session and leave with answers to humanity’s most sought-after questions, such as:


  • Understanding the multi-dimensionality of your Soul
  • The After-Life: Is it what we think it is? Where do our deceased loved ones really exist?
  • How Breakthroughs in Quantum & Science are shifting Collective Consciousness
  • How to connect to your Higher Self & guides – we all have them
  • How to Heal your Auric Field, align your Chakras & clear ‘stuck’ energy
  • The Soul vs the Energy Body
  • Why did the Collective Consciousness bring Covid forth?
  • And much more…..


In this heart-centered channeling workshop, modern mystics and energy healers Renee Blodgett & Anthony Compagnone will not only help you connect to your Higher Self to tap into your Soul’s Purpose but also how to align and clear your energetic body and chakras as well. Additionally, they will channel the Ascended Masters and bring forth ancient wisdom beyond our linear thinking and understanding.


During this powerful session, you’ll be able to interact with the guides they channel, learn how to tap into and trust your own intuitive abilities and expand your consciousness.  You will also experience powerful energy healing to bring your auric field into harmony and coherence as well as connect attendees as a whole to a higher frequency, vibration and peaceful state-of-being.


Come armed with questions about the Soul & its Journey, Life Purpose, Karma, the Akashic Records, Self-Healing, Past & Parallel Lives, Spirit Guides & how to access them, Quantum Fields & Energy Healing, Universal Consciousness and even the Multidimensional Cosmos itself.


Their work is dedicated to bridging the gap between spirituality and science, helping others achieve their highest potential and live from a place of alignment, purpose, courage and love, without fear or any of the dogma that so often holds people back.



Why Attend?

This session is designed for anyone who is interested in igniting or accelerating their spiritual development without religious dogma. You either embrace universal consciousness or are interested in going deeper and beyond what Science can currently explain. Those interested in better understanding the quantum world and life outside our own “linear reality” will also find this session thought provoking if not transformative.  Come with an open mind and most importantly, an open heart.

Modern mystics, healers and channelers, Renee Blodgett and Anthony Compagnone are the founders of Blue Soul Earth®.  Their work is centered on bringing science and spirituality together through content, Study with Spirit® courses and workshops, energy healing as well as leading retreats to sacred destinations around the world.

They tap into those hidden and inner worlds that shamans and spiritual masters so often speak of and innately know – it is in this world of “Spirit” or multi-dimensional realms where ancient knowledge and healing takes place, often in a way that appears to be transcendent to our senses.

Their mission is to ignite the spark in each human being and in doing so, accelerate global consciousness for those yearning for a deeper exploration of spirituality, science, philosophy and the human condition. Through their work, their hope & intent is that you feel embraced and supported as you step into your purpose and higher calling so you can live your full potential.

Anthony is a full embodied channel, Martial Arts master and a specialist in Prana Yama (“Art of Breath Control”) who speaks five languages. As a bilingual speech pathologist and founder of Speech Synergy™, he’s a credited CCC-SLP as well. A long-time passionate yogi, he uses the power of Qigong for grounding and Ujjayi breathing for connecting to deeper states of awareness. As an intuitive, empath and sound healer, Renee is clairsentient, claircognizant and psychographic. Having lived in 11 countries and traveled to over 90, she is passionate about culture & ritual, particularly how they allow us to reach a deeper consciousness. She is also the editor of We Blog the World™, an online travel magazine and for over twenty years, launched products & acted as a spokesperson for dozens of brands as founder of Magic Sauce Media™, a global branding consultancy.

Both Renee and Anthony are Reiki Masters and have studied various energy modalities including Reiki Solas, Usui and Holy Fire Reiki, Platonic & Pythagorean healing. They also teach about Universal Consciousness, Heart-Centered Living and our Human Existence.

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