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Phillip Wilson
Spiritual Purification Using Far Infrared


6:00 pm - 6:45 pm

Friday Free Lectures 45mins

Spiritual Purification Using Far Infrared SaunasFriday 6 PM | Room 2 | Booth 34-36

“Detoxify or Die”, the book by Dr. Sherry Rogers, an environmental medical doctor, is a testimony for Far Infrared Saunas.  Far Infrared Saunas are energy medicine devices which cause water cells to pulsate, mobilizing the lymphatic system, and causing intense purification on all levels. Known for helping depression, pain, inflammation, Lyme, autism, and fibromyalgia, The Relax Sauna is known as the “Qigong Sauna”a by Dr. Bill Akpinar. One feels the chi, warm love, mental clarity, and joy.

After having out-of-body and kundalini experiences, Phillip Wilson, mathematician, was guided into fasting, yoga, contemplation and eating pure foods.  Using Relax Far-Infrared Sauna daily for 18 years has increased mental clarity, spiritual attunement, creativity, and joy.