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Phil Wilson Pictures of the Mind: Freeing Yourself of Beliefs

Room 6

5:00 pm - 5:45 pm

Sunday Free Lectures 45mins

Pictures of the Mind: Freeing Yourself of Beliefs

While meditating 25 years ago, Phil heard: “Momentum!Taking advantage of the Moment. Propelling yourself into Greatness.” This exemplifies a how-to on “practicing the presence of God.”

“Freeing yourself from beliefs that no longer serve you” is our birthright. Switching to observing whenever we catch ourselves judging frees us from a world of complaining.

Many other original unique insights from Phil’s forthcoming book, Pictures of the Mind will be presented in this Uplifting Inspiring Talk.

Phillip Wilson, 4 years graduate work in mathematics, 1st out-of-body experience 1970, kundalini-awakening 1971, 52 years meditating/fasting, opened health-food store 1980, 2001 promoting Far-infrared Energy, is sharing incredible insights on experiencing greater freedom/joy. See:

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