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Peter Goodgold
Heal Yourself Naturally with Molecular Hydrogen


1:00 pm - 1:45 pm

Saturday Free Lectures 45mins

Heal Yourself Naturally with Molecular Hydrogen  | Saturday 1 pm  |  Room 1  | Booth 552

Learn how consuming life-sustaining, hydrogen-rich water achieves the highest level of wellness decreasing Inflammation, oxidative stress, and hydroxyl radicals. Peter demonstrates how his hydrogen generators produce the world’s purest, hydrogen-rich alkaline water creating super antioxidants and detoxifiers to eliminate viruses, fungus, yeasts, molds, heavy metals and bacteria preventing cancer, cardiovascular disease, Parkinson‚ Alzheimers‚ dementia, diabetes, etc.

Peter Goodgold has been researching the health benefits of healing waters and diet for 48 years. In 1970, Peter created the Pyramid Raw Food macrobiotic restaurant in Santa Monica, CA, and the Healing Waters Health Spa in Eden, Arizona.

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New Living Expo