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Free Panel Let’s Get Mystical! A Common Sentience Experience

Room 5

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Let’s Get Mystical!

A Common Sentience Experience

Are you interested in angels, mediumship, the akashic records, spirit animals, sound, or the Goddess? Expand your knowledge and have a direct mystical experience with each one! Get ready to go deep in this one-of-a-kind opportunity with esteemed spiritual teachers from the Common Sentience book series!

Open your cosmic pathways as you learn about the music of the spheres and chant with Drs. JJ and Desiree Hurtak. Drop into your heart space as Tricia McCannon shares who the angels are and a meditation to connect with the angels. Find guidance as Dr. Steven Farmer explains how the animals are our spiritual allies and leads a process for you to get a message from a spirit animal. Understand who the Goddess is and reclaim her power and feel her love with a meditation by Anodea Judith. Pull back the veil as Suzanne Giesemann explains what mediumship is and shares her process for you to open a connection with your loved ones. Then soar into the cosmos with Lisa Barnett as she teaches wisdom from the Akasha and leads a meditation to begin accessing your Akashic Records! Join us as Ariel Patricia moderates an in-depth discussion on each topic and direct experiences for you! Ask questions, be enlightened, and let’s get mystical together!

Moderator Rev. Ariel Patricia is both sacred storyteller, visionary businesswoman, and the mystic behind the Common Sentience book series and Sacred Stories Publishing and Media. Her leadership in the fields of publishing, broadcasting, and online learning has put Sacred Stories on the map as a conscious business enterprise with a soul for helping humanity prosper and expand our spiritual awareness.

Dr. Steven Farmer is a licensed psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, hypnotherapist, and trauma recovery specialist. He is author of several best-selling books and oracle cards, including, Animal Spirit Guides, Healing Ancestral Karma, Messages from the Ancestors Oracle Cards, Messages from the Spirits of Nature. Dr. Farmer offers individual consultations and a popular Life Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring program and serves on the board of the Society of Shamanic Practice. For more information please visit his website

JJ. Hurtak, Ph.D., and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D. Founded The Academy for Future Science. Dr. J.J. Hurtak wrote the best-seller, The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch® and together, they have written numerous books including SoundOverself Awakening and Mind Dynamics. They are also well known for their inspirational music, including their CD Sacred Name Sacred Codes and their latest album entitled Sacred Ciphers of the Divine Mother which are both a collaboration with Steven Halpern.

Tricia McCannon does not always come alone. The divine Daughter and Son come as a pair just as Isis and Osiris, Rama and Sita, Radha and Krishna, and Jesus and Mary Magdalene came together. In the years following the crucifixion, it was Mary Magdalene who was chosen to teach the Inner Mysteries of the Way of the Chalice, and the wisdom that will lead us home. This hidden history lies at the heart of the legends of the Holy Grail in France and Britain. They not only address the bloodline of Jesus and Mary, and the meaning of the Sacred Chalice, but the critical importance of the Divine Feminine that is rising in the world today.

Suzanne Giesemann is a spiritual teacher and medium. She has authored 14 books, 6 best-selling Hemi-Sync recordings, and YouTube videos reaching millions of viewers. She produces the Daily Way inspirational messages, the Awakened Way app, and hosts the top-ranking Messages of Hope podcast.

Anodea Judith, PhD, is the author of nearly a dozen books on chakras, psychology, yoga, social change, and feminine leadership, with her most recent book, hot off the press: GODDESS: Blessed Reunions with the Feminine Face of the Divine. She was ordained as a Priestess in 1985 and has served the Goddess ever since. She teaches worldwide and can be found at

Lisa Barnett is the Founder of Akashic Knowing School, an internationally recognized teacher and author of 4 Akashic Books, with thirty years in spiritual healing and Akashic Record Channeling. Lisa specializes in empowering individuals to find greater abundance, guidance and love by aligning with their Soul Plan in their Akashic Record.