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Oracle Maureen Mastering Mediumship: Connect With Your Loved Ones in Heaven

Room 4

11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Workshop 90 min

This is a paid workshop you need either a $28 reg seat or a Vip $44 seat, plus a general admission ticket for that day.

Oracle Maureen will teach you how to Open Up and connect with your loved ones in Heaven so you are more prepared to receive their communications. Knowing how to use your Psychic Channels is how you will better discern their messages with more clarity.

Learn the wisdom that Spiritual Teacher Oracle Maureen has acquired from the Ascended Masters on how to bridge the connection between our world and the Otherside—so you can communicate more easily with your friends and family in Spirit. You do not need to say goodbye when they cross over; you just need a new way to communicate with them.

Oracle Maureen is a Master Channeler and Psychic Medium. She is an advanced Oracle who serves the Ascended Masters. Her advanced gifts and connection to the higher realms allow her to receive strong, clear messages from Heaven—helping you connect with loved ones in the Afterlife or receive guidance.